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a surprising balance.


Respect of tradition and the use of high quality state-of-the-art techniques - these are the cornerstones of our production.

The care of detail so dear to artisanal tradition. The continuous research for innovative solutions. The skilful work of professionals in the furnishings sector. These few elements make the Savio Firmino product unique in its kind.

Its undeniable experience combined with the use of innovative methods and machinery enable Savio Firmino to create furnishings of unmistakable style.

Savio Firmino combines modern production processes with traditional processing methods like hand-carving and burnished gold and silver leaf. A process undertaken by very few firms in the world.

To remain consistent with its style and continually renew itself: this is the challenge that Savio Firmino sets itself each day and is what makes its collections absolutely unique and never commonplace. 

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